The Secret to Success That Doesn’t Cost a Dime Nor Require You to Lift a Finger

The most successful entrepreneurs, like Oprah Winfrey and Richard Branson have a few things in common that I believe are their secrets to success. If you master them all, you will be on the path to a very prosperous future, but also a most fulfilling life. I also want you to know that: YOU ARE CAPABLE of mastering these. Today’s post is about one of those secrets. Later posts will detail the other secrets.

Probably number 1 on the list, and most important, is that successful entrepreneurs have identified their unique value. They have a very strong sense of self, understand their unique gifts, treasure them and willingly share them with the world. They focus all their efforts on giving what they have; on how they can help others; rather than being aware of what they need and focusing all their efforts on getting it.

Most important however, is they recognize that all their power is inside themselves, and in valuing what they have to give. When that happens, financial prosperity naturally follows.

Wealth accumulates on the inside before it expresses itself on the outside.” David Cameron Gikandi, Happy Pocketfull of Money

Sadly, it’s rare when we come across a business or person who has. We all have special gifts and we were put here on this earth to share them with others. This may seem a really simple concept, but it is incredibly powerful if you live your life and run your travel business by it.

So, step one in laying the foundation to a successful travel business is identifying your own personal gifts and making a commitment to value what you have and then give to others. When you value yourself, a natural side effect is the desire to share yourself with others. Conversely, when you don’t value who you are, you are afraid to share yourself with others, or subconsciously hide who you truly are, and end up pretending to be something else. Trust me, that’s not a fun way to live, and it gets exhausting.

Think about this example – let’s say you have a beautiful pendant necklace that was passed down to you from your grandmother. It’s made out of a semi precious stone and set in platinum. It’s a necklace you have loved all your life and it makes you smile everytime you look at it.

You have a good friend that is going to a big, red carpet, Hollywood event and she shows you her dress. The second you see it, you know your pendant necklace would be the perfect complement to her dress. You scream with delight as you tell your friend about the perfect necklace she must borrow. She is just as excited as you when she sees it, and it looks so beautiful. Everybody is happy and everybody wins.

Now, let’s look at this same example and change one, simple thing. You still have the pendant, but you never liked it. Your friend shows you her dress and you tell her it’s gorgeous, but it never occurs to you to tell her about your grandmother’s pendant. It’s been years since you looked at it and it’s buried away in the bottom of some dresser drawer.

There are a lot of lessons you could draw from this example, but the one I want to focus on is: when you value your gifts, it gives you immense pleasure to share them with others. You WANT to share them with other people. When you don’t value your gifts, it doesn’t even occur to you to share them with others, you have buried them away so long ago, that you have completely forgotten about them.


So, today’s assignment is to explore who you are and what natural gifts you have to give. A great place to start is by identifying the things you enjoy doing most. For some people, it’s terribly obvious, but for others, it might not be so. A lot of limiting beliefs will come up. Don’t listen to them. Today, start on your personal discovery journey and start owning your gifts so you can live your life re-gifting them.

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