Using Gratitude to Boost Your Business

Coming from a place of lack will kill your business. But as human beings, we fall pretty easily into it.

“I can’t afford that.”

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

“That is so expensive!”

“Who would pay good money for that?”

I found myself in that place of lack very often. Then, 2 years ago, something happened that has turned things around forever. Look, I still go there, but not nearly as often AND my life is much more prosperous because of it.

What happened is I picked up a Tony Robbins CD and decided to listen to it. It came from an info-product he sells calls “Get The Edge” and he promotes them on infomercials. Yes! I admit I caved in to an infomercial several years ago. But what a great decision that ended up being.

On the very first CD of this 20 CD program, he recommends you commit to a daily “Hour of Power.” A small part of this daily “Hour of Power” is 5 minutes of complete gratitude. And I began doing it. Two years later, I am still practicing my daily “Hour of Power” including my 5 minutes of gratitude. My life has changed so much since then. It’s hard to say if all these great things that have happened to me are because of my daily 5 minutes of gratitude, but what’s more important is that I feel better. I love life a lot more.

What I love about Thanksgiving is that it’s the one time of year we get focused on being grateful for what we have. And this is very good for your mindset with respect to your business. Because it kicks you right out of that place of lack and into a place of abundance and prosperity. When you take a moment to look around you, and feel gratitude for what you have, you CANNOT feel a sense of lack.


So my advice to you this Thanksgiving season is to take inventory of what you have, feel grateful for it (and I mean REALLY FEEL the gratitude, so much so it brings you to tears), and begin a daily habit of 5 minutes of gratitude.

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