What Comes Out of a 2-Day Book More Travel Workshop?

I’m coming off a high from our 2-day Book More Travel Workshop. I am so happy with the nurturing, inspirational and safe space we created for every single travel entrepreneur that showed up. Our intention for them was that they experience a miracle.

As Marianne Williamson defines a miracle, it’s simply a shift in perspective. Sounds simple, but also very powerful. And we succeeded. Every person in that room got at least 1 big shift in perspective.

I know that there were many of you who couldn’t attend, despite your desire to be there. A few were shut out by a snowstorm. Some had previous commitments they couldn’t get out of. And others had schedules or responsibilities at home that didn’t allow. In this article, I share with you the greatest nuggets from the workshop.

You have a brilliance.

Find it, own it and build your business around it. We are all gifted. We come into this world with gifts for a reason. I promise you that reason is NOT to hoard them. Instead, we are supposed to share our gifts with the people that need them the most. When we do, we get a sense of fulfillment that trumps even the largest lottery win. When you build your business around your brilliance, your marketing becomes magnetic to your best prospects. Why? Because it gets you to shift from a place of getting, getting, getting (which most people retract from) to a place of giving, giving, giving. Take this step and you will certainly be on your path to success.

Charge Fees!

Why? Because you are worth it. You deserve it. You need it to stay in business. The people who ARE charging fees are doing so with ease and grace. They are collecting thousands of dollars per year extra because of their courage.

Get clear on your numbers.

Clarity gives you direction. Put your eyes and consciousness on your numbers. Its worth the time, effort and interest. What you focus on expands. Begin with your expenses. Establish what they are…how much it costs to run your business each year. Add in everything you want to do in your business marketing wise, travel wise, coaching wise, etc. Then add in your salary. Get to a total and that’s your revenue goal.

Success is an inside job.

We think that a strategy or plan is exactly what we need to take us to success. But we have it the wrong way round. Because we have a blueprint that dictates our thoughts, feelings and emotions. If we can rewire the blueprint, then we can find the path to success…the path that is most in alignment with you. Fixing the faulty wiring is really the key to success because it creates the space for the inspiration to appear. Inspired action is unstoppable…not efforted. Fix the inside first, and the outside strategy will unfold.

Don’t do it alone.

Why do we think we must? The more success you desire is in direct correlation to the amount of support you will need. Find your nest. I shared with the workshop attendees an “a-ha” moment I had the morning of the first day. I’ve known for several years that my brilliance is being a pathfinder. It’s what I do. It’s why I love exploring. I am always looking for a different way to do things. But that is only half of my brilliance. And this is the “A-ha” moment: the other half of my brilliance is that I am a nest builder. I have done this in my own home all my life. And I’ve done it everywhere I go. GIFTE is a symbolic nest. It’s a nurturing, inspiring, and safe space for travel entrepreneurs to thrive. Thriving requires stepping outside your comfort zone day in and day out. Why not find a nurturing, inspirational and safe nest from which to fly? That is what GIFTE is for.

Your Assignment:

Join GIFTE in some way shape or form, CLICK HERE. I realize this may sound like a very blatant sales pitch, but it’s not. I just want to reach those people who have been asking, and maybe not even realizing it. GIFTE is here for you. I am a master nest builder. If you are looking to build, grow and succeed in travel entrepreneurship, GIFTE is the best place from which to do that.

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