What If I am Afraid to Visualize My Dreams?


Last week’s article, “How to Claim the Lucrative, Thriving, Prosperous Business of Your Dreams” sparked a fantastic question. The question was so good, I felt it called for a “Part 2” of the article.

In the article, I offer a visualization exercise aimed at getting the reader in the feeling place of his or her goals and dreams. Why? Because it’s an important component to deliberate creation – the ability to control one’s emotional state despite the conditions around them. The question, courageously asked by Melanie, was this: “I confess, I am afraid to do the exercise because what if it doesn’t work?” Thank you Melanie for your honesty!

I love the question because I can totally relate. I used to be so scared of visualizing my dreams. I wanted to protect myself from future disappointment if my dreams didn’t come to fruition. If I can relate to the question, I am sure a lot of other people can as well. So it’s a great teaching moment.

To answer the question, I want to take a step back and explain the relationship between desire and beliefs. Let me begin with introducing the concept of degrees of desire. In other words, you can want something a little bit and you can want something really, really bad. There’s a spectrum of desire, from barely interested to wanting it more than anything else. That spectrum of desire is energetic momentum. The more you want something, the more energetic momentum you have on that subject.

If you want something really, really badly and your beliefs are consistent with having it, that feels like ecstasy. If want something really, really badly and your beliefs contradict you having it, that feels like misery. If you want something just a little bit and you have a belief that contradicts you having it, it doesn’t feel that bad. It’s a non-event.

Here’s an analogy to illustrate this concept: If you are driving a car that is going 5 miles per hour and you hit obstacles in the road, it doesn’t hurt very much nor do much damage. But if you are driving a car that is going 100 miles per hour (momentum or degree of desire) and you hit obstacles in the way, it hurts a whole lot more and does a lot more damage.

Melanie’s fear of doing the visualization exercise is because she is afraid of going really fast and bumping into things. She has a lot of momentum of desire around the success of her business. She wants it really, really badly. That’s a good thing. Momentum is good! But she has beliefs that contradict her desire and has bumped into them and has felt the pain of it. So she is afraid of going really fast and bumping into things.

The only reason why you will bump into things is because you’ve taken your hands off the steering wheel. When you live conditionally, you have taken your hands off the steering wheel. Said another way, when you look to the conditions around you to dictate how you feel, you have taken your hands off the steering wheel.

So Melanie’s fear of doing the visualization exercise comes from her knowing that she has a lot of momentum, (she’s going 100 mph) and she’s taken her hands off the steering wheel due to a habit of conditional living. She doesn’t have confidence in her ability to dictate her emotional state, known as controlling her vibrational frequency. The reason why she lacks confidence here is because she hasn’t been practicing dictating her emotional state or controlling her vibrational frequency. She’s been letting everything around her dictate her emotional state.

Thus, the antidote to this fear is to begin practicing the control of your vibrational frequency. In other words, practice feeling good without any resistance. The more you practice it, the better you will get and the more your confidence will increase.

So maybe this exercise is too high of a difficulty level for her right now because of the great momentum on the subject. That’s OK. This is probably true for many. If that’s true for you, then start with an easier topic. In other words, practice the ability to get into a good feeling place on a topic that’s much easier. There are many things in your life going right. Choose a subject in your life that is going the way you want it to go and focus on that to get into the good feeling place.

Your assignment:

Practice controlling your vibrational frequency or emotional state. Begin with easy subjects and in easy conditions. Create a ritual of doing this just a few moments a day and then gradually increase the amount of time until you’ve reached 15-20 minutes. When you have practiced your ability to control your vibrational frequency (emotional state), you will gain confidence in being able to do that in more difficult situations or on topics that have lots and lots and lots of momentum.

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