What To Do When The World Appears To Be Falling Apart

It’s been a tough month. It began with Harvey, then Irma, then Maria, then a massive earthquake in Mexico City, then forest fires in Montana and California. And then, yesterday morning, waking up to news that over 50 people had been killed and over 200 injured in Las Vegas during the largest mass shooting in the history of the United States.   What is a sensitive soul to do?


Between natural disasters and human tragedy, we have witnessed enormous amounts of unbearable devastation and loss in 1 short month. Times like this, it can be hard to not get sucked into a feeling of overwhelming heartbreak, sadness, helplessness, confusion and vulnerability.


How do we stay above it all? How do we help those in need? How do we protect ourselves? How do we continue to believe in a Higher Power? These are big, deep questions. I will attempt to share the answers I have received from within.


First and foremost, now is NOT the time to doubt your faith in your higher power. In fact, now is the time to go deeper and surround yourself with others who share your faith. My spiritual beliefs may be very different from yours. It doesn’t matter. If you find relief and solace in your spiritual beliefs, in your understanding of your higher power, then that’s a great go-to. Anchor in to your spiritual truths. Here are some that work for me:

  • “All is well.”
  • “Everything is always working out for me.”
  • “Everything is always working out for them.”
  • There is a stream of well being flowing to me that is infinite, powerful, and magical


Second, stop watching the news. It’s only going to bring you down. Stop talking about the grief, devastation, etc. Stop writing about it. Stop giving it air time. Why? You know how the flight attendant tells you – in the case of an emergency – to put on your oxygen mask before you put on your child’s? The same is true in everyday life. It doesn’t help or serve anyone to get stuck in negative emotion. What that means is it doesn’t help those suffering for you to feel their suffering. What that means is it doesn’t help those suffering for you to feel heartbroken, devastated, overwhelmed, hopeless, depressed. What that means is it doesn’t help those suffering for you to talk about it endlessly.


Third, if you want to help others, if you want to create a protective bubble around yourself, you do so by putting out the best energy you can muster. Do whatever you can to flow good juju. Rather than take the action journey, take the emotional journey. You might even take it on as your duty. The best way to do your part and clean up the energy around you is to put out good energy. Stop complaining. Stop talking about it. Go take a bath. Find other ways to self sooth. Feel gratitude for what you have. In other words, count your blessings. While these might be horrific events that are getting a LOT of attention, realize that the well-being on this planet is infinite. Look for evidence of the preponderance of well being in your life and on this earth. Wait for the inspiration; wait for the ideas of how you can help from a whole, soothed, tapped in place.


Last, at the risk of offending someone, it can help to shift your perspective on the death experience. You don’t have to believe me on this one – but if you agree, you will feel a lot better. Here it goes. Death is not a punishment. It’s just a transition. Every single soul that lost their human form in the disasters of this past month is feeling a rush of pure joy, love, enlightenment, lightness, and wonderment. They are free of all resistance. They haven’t gone anywhere – there spirits remain and they have no regrets about shedding their physical bodies no matter how young or old they were. They have no regrets no matter how much life they had left to live. The loved ones they left behind are the ones who are suffering and understandably so. But death is not a punishment. It is just a transition point.


Hopefully these points will help you take the emotional journey first that will likely lead to positive action that will serve us all.