What to do when you have a bad client experience

Whether it’s a client who questions every single thing you do, shops your meticulously planned itinerary with online booking engines, wastes hours of your time and then books with Costco and brags to you about the $1,000 saved, or wants to blame you for all the things that went wrong on his/her trip even though weather is out of your control … I think it’s safe to say that when you sign up to be a travel advisor, you are likely to have moments of disappointment, frustration and even anger with your clients.

You may want to point your finger at and curse the oblivious idiot for not appreciating your value, but standing on a soapbox complaining about clients will simply lead to more of the same. It may be a tough pill to swallow, but when you have a bad experience with a client, it’s a gift.

“Nothing happens to you. Everything that happens comes from within you.”

Yes, it’s a gift and time to put on your big girl/big boy panties and take personal responsibility. When you have an unpleasant and unwanted experience with someone else – whether it’s a fantastic client, a frustrating prospect, or even a personal friend or family member, there are 3 great things to extract from the unwanted experience:

  1. Indication of the vibe you are putting out. Everything that is showing up in your experience is an indicator of the vibe (frequency of the energy) that’s active within in you. Since vibes (energy) are invisible, isn’t it good that we have some form of feedback on what’s active within us? The unwanted experience is just INFORMATION. Take that in. And this information is as important as the gas gage. Would you want your gas tank to show a smiley face even when it’s on empty? No! So why would you not want the indicator of your energy to be accurate? When you have an unwanted, unpleasant experience with another person, instead of retrace every single moment and question how it could have gone different, thank the person and the universe for giving you the information that you have some cleaning up to do. And cleaning up the energy is as easy as changing your focus.
  2. Clarity on wanted. You can’t have big dreams without clarity, right? How do you know you like Pistachio ice cream if you’ve never tried anything but vanilla.   So when you have a bad, frustrating experience with a prospect or client, you have gained greater clarity about, and planted seeds for clients who trust, value, appreciate, and enjoy working with you.
  3. Evidence that the seeds for what is wanted have been planted. This is the one that’s the most difficult to comprehend, but I like the analogy of the seed. So let’s back up a little bit. When you have an unwanted experience with someone, you actually ask for improvement … right there and then, in that moment. Think of the improvement as a new seed that’s been planted in your garden of an amazing beautiful life. So when you have ANOTHER unwanted experience with a client and it feels awful – every single one of your negative emotions from anger, frustration, annoyance, is evidence that the seed for an improved client relationship has ALREADY been planted and will bloom if you create the right atmosphere. You couldn’t feel the negative emotion – which is a pulling away from what’s been planted – if you didn’t have those seeds planted.

So there you have it – the 3 GREAT things to extract from a bad client experience. When you make the decision to take responsibility for all that comes your way, you have actually taken back your power and can begin leading a life and business by design. I hope you have as much fun with this as I have had 🙂