“When Fear Knocks on Your Door, Let Faith Answer”

For a second, you might have thought you were in church listening to your preacher when reading that title, “When Fear Knocks on Your Door, Let Faith Answer.” It’s very possible you may have heard it from a religious figure since it comes from Joel Osteen.

Building your business can be scary. Especially if you are financially dependent upon the income you generate.  But even if you are not, putting yourself out there and owning your brilliance can be very a fearful experience.

Faith and fear have something in common besides beginning with the letter ‘f’. They both ask us to believe in something you cannot see.

Perhaps your business is not generating enough sales and you get the idea to approach a local bicycle shop about speaking to its clients about how to plan active vacations. There are many scenarios that will go through your head before you pick up the phone to call the owner.  You are likely to be confronted with a lot of fear.  You might even speak to a friend and tell him about your idea and the friend plants more fear in your head with a question like “why would a bicycle shop want YOU to speak to their clients?”

But fear always appears way more powerful than it is. We cannot stop fear from showing up.  We must accept that it will.  It’s how we respond to our fear that makes or breaks us.  And in this article, I want you to learn the power of responding with faith.

The second you identify fear is your opportunity to block it. Quite simply, you can say to your fear, “I will not receive you.”  This is how you pivot right out of fear and into faith.  Fear and faith have the same amount of power.  They are equally built on the power of expectation.

Your mindset work, as a successful business owner is to stop expecting your fears and start expecting your dreams. Don’t buy into fearful hype that others perpetrate.  I can’t tell you how many times I have heard someone say to me, “my business is not doing well because of the poor economy.”  My response to that is your business will absolutely be negatively affected by the economy if you believe it.

But what if you were to block the fear as soon as it arose and replaced it with “my business will succeed despite the economy. I believe in my services, I believe people need my services more than ever, and I believe the best clients will show up to receive my services.  This is going to be my best year yet.”

This may sound a bit Polly-Anna-ish, but it works. I know because this is the kind of faith I had when I grew my travel business, quadrupling my sales amidst 3 of the most difficult economic years in a long time.

Your Assignment:

You have a choice. You can buy into your fears and let them dictate your life and results. Or you can become aware to them and use them as triggers for enacting faith in your business. Courage is not living without fear. Courage is taking action despite the fear. This week, start identifying the fears that have been keeping you stuck and replace them with faith.

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