Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

Let’s face it. It happens. Maybe you know someone. Maybe it’s you. Whoever it is, you are going along in life, you are doing all the right things, you mean well, you follow the rules, and bam! You are knocked on the head with something bad. Something that takes you out at the knees. You are left asking the question, “why me?” or “why would something like this happen to a good person?”

My answer to you is that it’s not your job to ask why. When you do, you take all your power away. You get caught up going back in time and trying to figure out where you went wrong. You get suckered into following a path of “getting to the root” of it, so you don’t create it again. Or you find yourself cursing every innocent human being not going through what you are going through. That’s human, but it won’t help you. Going down either of these paths is taking you away from all the goodness that can be found in your “bad thing.”

I’ve learned to recognize that “bad things” are a part of life. Instead of spending your life avoiding them or feeling like a victim, embrace them when they show up. Here are 3 blessings that can be found in every single “bad thing” that shows up for you:

1. “Bad things” tell you what your point of attraction is. So it’s feedback. Let me back up and remind you that we operate in a world where Law of Attraction exists – that like attracts like – and that we are all walking, talking energetic signals. Because of this, we will rendezvous with other people, events and things of a similar signal. So if you are putting out a “victim” signal, you will get victim-like people and events showing up in your life. Many times, we are oblivious to what our signal is. So “bad things” are a great opportunity to get feedback on what your point of attraction is. We have the ability to change that point of attraction – easily. But without knowing what your point of attraction is, you won’t change it. Bad things are like a good wake up call.

2. “Bad things” give you clarity on what you want. The easiest way to figure out your hopes and dreams is to first identify what you don’t want. When you know what you don’t want, you know what you do want. Bad things are the conception point of a new desire. New desires are good. They are exciting. Whether you know it or not, when the new desire is conceived, it actually exists. It just has not shown up yet physically. Here’s a great analogy for making this point clearer – when you go through a “bad thing,” you become pregnant with a new desire. In time, if you find alignment with that desire long enough, it will be birthed and show up physically.

3. The negative emotion associated with the “bad thing” is your evidence that your new desire actually exists. The good news here is that you can believe in that new desire. Imagine that you are $60,000 in debt and then your spouse loses his job. The loss of the job is the bad thing. Your fear, anxiety and sense of financial panic is actually evidence that you have an avalanche of prosperity lining up for you. In your circumstances it might difficult to believe that. Understanding this piece will help bridge the gap between not believing in your soon to be prosperity and believing in it. You could not feel bad if that new desire for prosperity wasn’t sitting there waiting for you – in a conception-like state. So don’t beat yourself up for having the negative emotion. Celebrate the negative emotion as your evidence that your dream is not only possible, it’s inevitable.


Go back through your life and find 1 or 2 “bad things” that happened to you. Pick the ones that really took you out at the knees. Then look at the 3 different blessings that come from every bad thing and see how they are true for your own situation. It will shift your heart open to life in a whole new way.

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