Why Does Meredith Always Answer a Practical Question with a Mindset Answer?

On a recent “Monthly Mentoring with Meredith” call I fielded a very practical question.  As the caller posed the question, I knew my response was going to frustrate her to no end.  Why?  Because she was looking for a very specific solution to a very specific problem in hopes that I could hand it over on a silver platter.  After all, I am the coach and that’s what I get paid to do, right?

Wrong.  A very common misconception people have when considering coaching is that the coach’s job is to show you exactly how to get what you want.  Here’s a truth nugget:  I don’t have the answers you are looking for.  No coach does.  The answers lie within you.  My job is to draw them out of you or lead you out of the foggy place into the clear air so you can access the solution.

If I only gave out answers to business problems, I would actually be doing a great disservice to my clients.  How is that?  Let’s see how this might play out…

Client:  How do I attract 50 more high net worth clients this year?

Me:  I can’t tell you how to do that.   I can tell you how to shift your mindset so you can discover the answer within you.

Client:  That’s great.  I’ve already shifted my mindset.  And you are the expert on this topic.  So back to the question, how do I attract 50 more high net worth clients this year?  What marketing techniques have you used or your clients used that worked?

I can understand why the client might be frustrated.  He is probably paying me good money with the misunderstanding that I will give him the answers.  Here’s the thing:  even if I could wave a magic wand and give my client the exact marketing technique that will result in 50 new high net worth clients in 12 months, I would be doing him a major disservice.

Sound a little crazy?  But it’s 100% accurate and here’s why – because he will go implement the marketing technique and get his desired result.  A little time will pass (or not) and he will undoubtedly encounter another problem in his business to which he needs a solution.  Guess what he will do?  He will come right back to me for the answer.  And again, if I could wave a magic wand and give him the perfect solution to his new problem, he will repeat this process….take action on my solution, get a great result, and enjoy the ride for a while until he encounters a new problem.  Again, he will come running back to me and ask for a solution.

Over the long term, what will happen is that he will become dependent upon me.  His business’ success will be completely dependent upon me and my advice.  Long term, that’s a huge disservice to him.  It’s not much different than giving the hungry man a fish to feed his family, versus teaching him how to fish.

When you encounter a problem – whether it’s in your personal life or in your business life – there is always a solution.  In addition, whenever you have a want, the path to having it always exists.  Always.  Discovering the solution to your problem or the path to your want requires shifting your mindset, expectations and the energy you have around it.  When there is resistance all around it, you won’t find your answer nor will you put yourself on the path to your want.  When you clear the resistance and create a pure energetic atmosphere, the solutions show up, the pathways become visible.  Always.  So if they solutions aren’t showing up, or your wants are still in the future, you have resistance you need to clear.

My job as a coach is to help you clear the resistance, move the blocks, and show you how to make your pathways visible.  And that’s why, when presented with a very practical question, I almost always give a very non-practical, mindset answer.

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