Why Engagement is the Secret to Sales Conversion

There is a fundamental theory taught in GIFTE’s Make Money Selling Travel Blueprint (MMSTB) that results in growing a travel business very, very quickly. Most people are not applying this theory. How do I know? Because it’s rare to come across a business selling travel that is growing quickly (unless we are speaking of an OTA from 10 years ago.) I’m not saying it never happens, but I am saying the norm is a travel business that is growing very, very slowly or not at all. And because of this, we have a preponderance of “accidental hobbyists.”

Here’s the fundamental theory that can result in growing a travel business exponentially. When you put 2 different types of marketing systems in place that run consistently, your business will grow quickly. The 2 different types of marketing systems are 1) List Building and 2) Relationship Building. When both types of systems are in place and done properly, they serve as the “one-two punch” to your marketing engine.

One without the other is futile. You could have the most effective list building systems in place with a platform that is growing incredibly fast, but without engagement, that list will be impotent. You could have the most fabulous keep in touch campaigns in place with endless bells and whistles that surprise and delight the recipients, but if you are not building your list, your business will grow at the pace of a snail or not at all.

Engagement is the secret to sales conversion because it’s the activator of conversion. Once you have a prospect within your sales funnel, you must build a relationship with them, or they will never do business with you.   People do business with the people they “know, like and trust.”

Engagement is HOW you build “know, like and trust.” Thank you Dale Carnegie for teaching me that when people feel like they know someone, they also automatically like them (unless given a good reason not to.) Then, add to the mixture consistent drips of valuable content (for free) you condition them to see you as the expert. When they know and like you and then see you as an expert, they will trust you too. Then, voila! They will do business with you AND refer you to their friends, family and colleagues.

So your next question is probably, how do you “do” engagement? Here is a list of tips to effective engagement:

1. Let them in. Open the kimono. In his book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie makes the obvious point that when people feel like they know you, it’s almost automatic that they like you. So let them know you. Social media couldn’t be a better, more powerful tool for letting people know you.

2. Get to know them. Be curious. If speaking with them, ask them about themselves and let them talk. If connecting on social media, add them to your platform, read their posts and take mental notes.

3. Instigate 2-way engagement by asking open ended questions in your emails and social media posts.

4. Establish yourself as an expert by consistently dripping valuable content … everywhere – post on social media, blog articles, send a weekly, electronic newsletter with an interesting article.

5. Express your gratitude to them regularly with a keep in touch campaign.

Your Assignment: Take a mental inventory of your marketing systems. Do you have effective list building AND effective relationship building systems in place? If you are spending a lot of time and effort on list building activities, you will be wasting your time if you don’t have relationship building systems in place. The single, most powerful and effective relationship building system you can put in place is the weekly, electronic newsletter. Commit to putting that in place within the next 30 days.

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