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  • Ever wonder if you are the only travel agent out there struggling to survive?

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The Quick-Start Travel Marketing kit will help you focus on what you need to do right now, by revealing “The 5 Successful Strategies to Attract Lucrative Clients so You Can Make More While Working Less.” After becoming a GIFTE member, the Quick-Start Travel Marketing kit is immediately accessible via the membership portal so you can get started right away attracting the ideal clients you have been looking for. Meredith Hill provides her unique insight and talent in this kit so you won’t be chasing clients, instead the lucrative clients will be calling you! Getting inside the head of your ideal client.

The #1 secret to making more money selling travel is claiming a specialty and sticking to it. But so many travel consultants resist dong this out of fear of turning good business away. The Step-by-Step Guide to Claiming Your Specialty and Becoming a Luxury Traveler Magnet will change all of that. With this guide you will learn how to:

  • Discover your brilliance and build your business around it.
  • Find the words to describe what you do so prospects value your services.
  • Stop wasting your time on just any client that comes along, so you can attract big spending clients that make you more money.

One of the 5 keys to growing your business is to have access to constant education – but not just product education. You need access to MARKETING EDUCATION. Meredith helps you do that by lining up incredible experts in the small business marketing field, so you can continue to apply cutting edge marketing techniques to your business. These Monthly Marketing Expert Teleclasses are held on the2nd Wednesday of every month. These experts will share their secrets regarding marketing, social media, attracting more clients, and many other pertinent topics.

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Have you ever felt like you wish you could ask an expert for their advice? Another one of the 5 keys to growing your business is having access to mentors who have demonstrated the success you are trying to achieve. Every month, you will have the opportunity to ask Meredith any and all questions you have about marketing and building your business. Not sure you are picking the right specialty? Attend the Monthly Mentoring Call with Meredith. Need some help wording a letter to your clients? Ask Meredith! On the 3rd Tuesday of every month, Meredith personally conducts Q&A calls. Meredith will help you look at your issue with fresh eyes and help you to find your way through. She’s been known to give away million $$$ ideas!!!

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Take advantage of Meredith’s years of implementing her successful Make Money Selling Travel Blueprint and get instant access to the best resources available to you today. You don’t have to struggle to find people to help you implement your business and marketing. Just open your Rolodex of Resources. She has saved you all the time and effort by giving you access to the same resources she has used.


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As a GIFTE member, you can print out a high quality poster of the GIFTED Path to Success. This beautiful poster will be a daily reminder of what you need to do to be successful in your travel business.




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One nugget from a great book can change your life! What are the successful Travel Entrepreneurs reading? This comprehensive list includes books to read to help you with marketing, mindset and other important topics. Find just the right book to guide you along toward that next leap in your travel business.


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Member’s Only ForumYou don’t have to feel alone anymore! Having like-minded travel professionals to connect with is essential to your business success. Network with other GIFTE Members through our Member’s Only Forum and make lasting connections and partnerships. You don’t want to be an island out there in the travel field.



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