Why You Are 100% Likely to Sabotage Your Success

Not long ago, I had a dream and a goal to escort a group to Africa. So I did something about it.  I identified the ideal “Pied Piper” and surprised myself when he said “yes” since he had recently been made famous by Oprah Winfrey.  He had a very avid and loyal following.  I quickly put together an excellent, strategic marketing plan.

A critical piece of the plan was a webcast where I interviewed him about a certain topic and then offered the escorted journey at the end as an opportunity to solve their problems about said topic. We promoted the webcast to his loyal followers.  Our goal was to get as many people as possible to register for and attend the webcast.

You could probably understand my excitement after sending the first email to promote the webcast and we had 141 people registered within an hour. On the evening of the webcast, 5 minutes before the start, we had over 600 people registered and over 400 on the line.

Two minutes later, with my headset on, the webcast system all set and ready to go, my Pied Piper on the line ready and waiting…

…my daughter knocked on my office door.

I muted the webcast system while she told me her baby brother was crying in his crib.

Talk about the reality of my multiple roles coming head to head all at once. Yes, I was home alone with my 3 kids trying to pull off a critical presentation for over 400 people.  My husband was traveling and I hand’t the insight to hire a babysitter.  So I ran upstairs, sang a 30-second song to my crying baby, hushed him to sleep, and was back in my seat within 90 seconds.

With 3 seconds to spare, I began the webcast right on time. All things considered, it went very well.  We nailed every single point and made a very enticing offer.  As I ended the webcast and opened my email to see if any trip deposits came through, I noticed at least 50 emails all saying the same thing:  “WE CAN’T HEAR YOU!”  I felt an intense sickness in my stomach as I realized no one heard a word we said during the last 60 minutes because I failed to un-mute the webcast system when I returned to my desk.

I was crushed. There was no way to “re-do” it.  And in that moment, I learned – the very hard way – about something called the “Upper Limit.”

The Upper Limit is a way to describe the human’s inability to feel good for an extended period of time. And this is exactly why you are 100% likely to sabotage your success.  As a human being, you have not exercised the very hidden muscle that enables you to feel good and experience success about anything for an extended period of time.

What happens instead, is when you feel good about any given thing for too long, you bring negative energy into your life to readjust your energetic state. And that’s exactly why I brought on the disaster in my big webcast.  Things were going really well and I had been feeling great about it.

The best analogy I can use is a thermostat. When you set a thermostat to 68 degrees, and you open the door on a hot, summer day, hot air will rush into the room, driving the room temperature up.  The thermostat will kick in and blow cold air into the room to maintain the room temperature at 68 degrees.

The same thing happens to you energetically.
When something good happens in your life, you feel good.  As you feel good, your energetic state heightens.  Since your body is not used to the heightened energetic state, there is a level of discomfort and it will bring bad energy into your life to maintain your comfort level.

The Upper Limit is exactly why lottery winners rarely maintain their newly acquired financial freedom. How does it show up?  Here is a list (not complete) of how the Upper Limit shows up in your life:

  • Worry
  • Blame and Criticism
  • Drama
  • Technology problems
  • Getting injured or sick
  • Squabbles with someone close to you

The good news is that you CAN train yourself to feel good for extended periods of time and surpass your upper limit.When you do, it’s called living in your Zone of Genius.

The greatest step towards doing this is simple awareness of the problem. If you are aware, you can identify Upper Limit Problems, like worrying for no reason, getting into an argument with a loved one, or catching a cold.  When you identify them, ask yourself, what good thing is trying to come into my life that I am preventing?  When you find your answer, allow yourself to feel good about it, despite the negative event.

If you are wondering what happened to my escorted journey to Africa…we rescheduled the webcast to a week later, had far fewer attendees, but still managed to fill the trip with 21 travelers, exceeding our goal of 20 people.

Your Assignment:

Upper limit problems will come into your life and try to sabotage your success.  But you can get past them by simply identifying them when they happen and not letting them bring down your good feelings.  Spend the next week looking out for your Upper Limit Problems, becoming aware of them and focusing on feeling good anyway.

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