Why You Are Stuck (and How to Get Un-Stuck)

In another article, “How to Discover the Successful Business Owner Within You” I shared that a very wise person once said to me, “Meredith, if you’ve been wanting something for a very long time and it hasn’t come to fruition yet, odds are, you have the wrong ‘part’ running the show in that segment of your life.” The rest of the article discusses the concept of personalities within our psyche and how we have many of them and they show up in different parts of our lives.  For example, a working mother to 3 kids has a very different personality with her children than she does at the board meeting.

While extremely powerful and helpful, I believe this concept can be complicated and confusing when it comes to identifying the right personality to “run the show” in that part of your life where you feel stuck.  This article introduces a simpler way to move forward. 

We all find ourselves stuck in certain areas of our life – whether it’s feeling stuck in a specific relationship, in your financial status, in your career, in attracting the right kind of clients, etc.  First off, you are 100% worthy of having what you want.  Even if you’ve wanted it for a long, long, long time.  Even if no one in your family has ever had it.  Even if you feel you have imperfections.  Even if others don’t have it.  You. Are. Worthy.  Of having anything and everything you want. 

Yes, I believe that when you are stuck, you have the wrong part running the show in that part of your life. The simpler concept for understanding identities is to consider that each personality tells the same story over and over again.  Such that, in order to get unstuck and finally get what you have wanted for a very long time is to tell a new story.

But back up for a second – we first have to stop telling the old story. Why?  So you can shift from being a regurgitat-er of your life to the creator of your life.  As human beings, we spend most of our lives observing what is happening around us. So much so that it dictates how we feel.  Our feelings have an energetic signal that is magnetic to all things of a similar signal.  So as we observe and then feel and then put out an energetic signal, we attract more of the same.  In other words, we regurgitate our life.  When it’s pleasing and consistent with what we want, regurgitating life is a good thing.  But when it’s not pleasing and INconsistent with what we want, regurgitating life feels like you’re stuck.

We have the ability to create our reality. Really take that in.  We don’t have to settle for what we have.  We CAN create our reality.  Not only CAN we create our reality….we DO.  So if you don’t like your reality in any part of your life, you can change it.

The key to doing so lies in stopping being such keen observers of “what is” and start being better story tellers of what we want.  We feel so morally bound to telling the truth, that we believe we must tell the story as it is.  The biggest problem with doing this is “telling it like it is” results in a regurgitation of what is. 

So, step 1 in getting what you want is to stop “telling it like it is,” even if it’s true! Your vision and dreams are also true.  They may exist in your head and not in the physical yet, but your dreams and visions are true too.  So talk about them more, and talk about “what is” less.  Tell your new story.  Do not utter one more word about “what is” if it doesn’t match what you want.  Start telling your new story today.