Your Client is Booked, Now What? 9 Point Checklist to Get the Most New Business Out of Your Existing Clients

Why do clients leave? We all know the answer to this. They leave when you ignore them. So don’t ignore them! Get proactive with them so they never book their travel with anyone else or a booking engine. Get proactive so they never leave you.

Do you know when your clients are most likely to begin planning their next trip? Are you in front of them when they do? The truth is, most travelers are planning their next trip at the end of their existing trip or as soon as they get home. What about testimonials? You’ve been told to get them, but how? In addition, you know you should reach out to them when they return from travel to find out how their trip was. But no one has ever given you a step by step or play by play to get the most marketing potential out of your existing clients once they have booked a trip. Today is your lucky day, because here it is:

1. Ask them what their typical trip cycle is. In other words, do they typically take a trip like this once a year? Twice a year? Every other year? Etc.

2. Ask for a testimonial. The best way to get a testimonial (and this is the time to get it) is to offer to write the testimonial yourself, based upon this phone conversation, and then send it to them for their approval.

3. Ask them if they would recommend this trip to a friend. If yes, as them to refer you. You can also ask them if they would be willing to speak to any future clients considering a similar trip.

4. Ask them what they didnt love. This is not asking for criticism. It’s just as important to know what your clients don’t like as it is to know what they do like. Ditto to point #3.

5. Ask them what they loved. The more you know about their interests and desires, the better you get at recommending future travel and the more likely they are to stay with you as a client.

6. Connect with your client on social media. As soon as you take a deposit and this person is officially a client, connect with them on social media. Get to know them! There is so much to learn about your client if he/she is active on social media.

7. Encourage your client to post photos on the social media channels. People love to post on their travels, so you might as well get some great marketing and PR out of it. If you have already done step 1, then you can share their posts.

8. Contact your client within 4 days of returning from their travel. This is a no-brainer and most travel experts I know do this.

9. Ask them what trip can you start working on next.   Don’t make this a yes or no question. Take the initiative. If they are not ready to start planning a future trip, they will tell you. It’s not awkward, it’s just being helpful.

Your Assignment:

Take this checklist and turn it into part of your sales process. I guarantee you will get far more business out of your clients, whether it’s referrals or new business, if you put this into place.

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