Your Success is Closer than You Think

How badly do you want success?The difference between those who achieve their goals and those who continue to struggle is that the first set of people are willing to do whatever it takes – even if it’s inconvenient, even if it’s uncomfortable, even if it costs money.

Let me tell you about my au pair, Jadi. Yes, she’s great with my kids, but I have been even more impressed with her commitment to her success.  She’s a runner.  She could have come to this country and found a few 10Ks here and there in which to participate during her year.

But she had specific goals. So she found a trainer – within her paltry budget – that trains her by email, giving her weekly workout schedules.   She’s spent the last 6 months following her customized workout schedules step by step.

Has it been convenient? No, not at all.  There are many days she’s exhausted from working 9 hours with the kids, but she faithfully goes to the gym for her required workout.  Then there was the time she went on a week long vacation with 2 other au pairs.  It was an escorted tour and most of their time was scheduled.  But she found gyms and woke up super early to get in her 6-day regimen.

Has it been comfortable? No, not always.  For example, there was the 100 degree day that she had to fit in a 20K run and the only time she could fit it in was at noon – the hottest time of the day.  She could have used the heat as an excuse – but she didn’t.  She went anyway, being sure to find as much shade as possible and equipped with lots of water.

Has it been free? No.  She had to invest a large chunk of her hard earned money in a trainer.  Most other au pairs happily spend that money on shopping!  But for Jadi, her running success has been a priority and she’s sacrificed to pay for her trainer.

Has she succeeded? Yes!  The last 2 races she entered, she won.  She’s closing in on her goal time, she’s feeling stronger than she’s ever felt and she’s about to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

So what is the lesson here? The lesson is that if you want success, you must be willing to do whatever it takes.  What do I mean by this?  So many times, I hear from people – “Oh Meredith, I would love to attend your workshop, but it’s too far from where I live.  I’ll attend your workshop when it’s in (insert city name).”

OR, “I just don’t have the money to do your program this time.  I’ll do it next time around.”

If you have found yourself using these types of excuses to keep yourself from following a path to success, what I want you to hear is that success is NOT easy, it’s not comfortable, it’s not convenient and it’s not free.

If it was, everybody would be successful.

Your Assignment:

Success rarely happens in a slow growth mode.  Most often, success comes in quantum leaps.  Those quantum leaps are triggered by leaps of faith and being willing to do things you haven’t been willing to do in the past.  Today, ask yourself, what have I not been willing to do?  What opportunities have come my way, but I passed them up because I made excuses?  Get honest with yourself, get clear about your goals and then commit to doing whatever it takes to make them.

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